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Caves and pits

Caves and pits are one of the extraordinary natural phenomena. Go on an adventure to explore the Croatian karst underground

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Cultural heritage

Culture with its diversity and uniqueness represents the common richness of humankind.

National parks

National parks preserve the important natural values and represent our pledge for the future.

Nature parks

Pearls of Croatian protected natural heritage will impress you by its diversity and beauty.


Stone sculptures made by mother nature in the mysterious depths of the underground will take your breath away.

 Republika Hrvatska Continental Croatia Zagreb Caves

Špilja Veternica
Since 1979 Veternica cave is protected by law as a geomorphologic monument of nature. The elevation of the cave entrance is 320 m . Total length of explored canals is 7128 m , and the length of the... »



 Republika Hrvatska Continental Croatia Rakovica Caves

Baraćeve špilje
Barać caves in Rakovica Barać caves are nature protected area in category of significant landscapes. Caves area is also in the Register of preventive protected cultural goods due to the archeological... »


 +385 47 782 113

 Republika Hrvatska Kvarner Lokve Caves

Špilja Lokvarka
„LOKVARKA“ CAVE – The length of cave as explored to date is 1200 meters, and visitors can see 900 meters of its depth. The difference in height from the entrance to its farthest point is 140 meters.... »


 +385 51 831 250

 Republika Hrvatska Continental Croatia Ogulin Caves

Đulin ponor
Temporary no description on English available. ... »


 Republika Hrvatska Central Dalmatia island Vis Biševo Caves

Modra špilja
The Blue Grotto or Blue Cave, is a water-logged sea cave located in a small bay called Balun, on the east side of the island of Biševo and about 4.5 nautical miles from Komiža, in the Croatian... »


 Republika Hrvatska Istria Žminj Caves

Špilja Feštinsko kraljevstvo
In the heart of Istria near the village of Feštini close to Žminj, with its natural beauties is the Feštini Kingdom Cave. Entering the cave, you can hear the harmonious sound of the water lets that... »


 +385 91 561 63 27

 Republika Hrvatska Northern Dalmatia Gračac Caves

Cerovačke pećine
Among the most renowned and significant speleological structures are the Cerovac Caves , located in the southern part of “Velebit Nature Park ”. This 3-tier complex (Lower Cave , Middle Cave and Upper... »


search results: 7
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