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Natural parks

Discover the untouched flora and fauna of twelve Croatian protected natural parks

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Cultural heritage

Culture with its diversity and uniqueness represents the common richness of humankind.

National parks

National parks preserve the important natural values and represent our pledge for the future.

Nature parks

Pearls of Croatian protected natural heritage will impress you by its diversity and beauty.


Stone sculptures made by mother nature in the mysterious depths of the underground will take your breath away.

 Republika Hrvatska Continental Croatia Samobor Nature parks

The Nature Park is situated in the north-west of Croatia where the characteristics of the Dinarides, the Alps and the Pannonian plain meet. The Dinaric type is featured in karst landscape, the Alpine... »


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 Republika Hrvatska Northern Dalmatia Biograd na Moru Nature parks

Vransko jezero
Travelling along the Adriatic main road towards the northern Dalmatia between two historical cities of Zadar and Šibenik, you will come across a natural phenomenon - the two equally beatiful and yet... »



 Republika Hrvatska Kvarner Lovran Nature parks

Učka Nature Park encompasses Mount Učka and a part of the Ćićarija mountain range. It is located along the northern Adriatic coast at one of the most northerly points of the Mediterranean, right where... »


 +385 51 293 753

 Republika Hrvatska Northern Dalmatia island Dugi otok Sali Nature parks

Telašćica bay is situated in the central part of the eastern Adriatic coast, in the SE part of the island of Dugi otok. Thanks to its extreme beauty, richness and importance, this bay surrounded by... »


 +385 377 096

 Republika Hrvatska Continental Croatia Kopačevo Nature parks

Kopački rit
Kopački rit Nature Park is situated in the northeastern part of the Republic of Croatia, i.e. on the wider geographical area of eastern Croatia. Geographically speaking, Kopački rit is the flat part... »


 +385 31 285 380

 Republika Hrvatska Continental Croatia Slatinski Drenovac Nature parks

The park of nature Papuk- is opened throughout the year for all visitors. The area of Park is characteristic for the beautiful forest landscapes. There are numerous places one can visit and find out... »


 +385 34 313 030

 Republika Hrvatska Continental Croatia Zagreb Nature parks

The name Medvednica is mentioned for the first time in 1242 in the Golden Bull by Bela IV under the name Medwenicha, by which Zagreb was granted an estate in the mountain. The name Zagreb 's... »


 +385 1 4586 317

 Republika Hrvatska South Dalmatia island Lastovo Uble Nature parks

Lastovsko otočje
The Lastovo Archipelago was declared a nature park by the Croatian Parliament on 29 September 2006. It is the eleventh nature park in Croatia. The Park consists of 44 islands, islets, rocks and... »


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search results: 9
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