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    ID: 8125-675 

Lake Peruća or Peruča is the second artificial lake in Croatia. It is located in the Split-Dalmatia county.
The Lake is fed by water from the Cetina River, and drains an area of 3,700 km˛, while the total catchment area of the Cetina is around 12,000 km2. The annual discharge is around 105 m2 as a consequence of a mean annual rainfall of 1380 mm. This is why the artificial lake was created by building a dam on Cetina River in 1958, some 25 km downstream.

The Peruča lake was the first large reservoir created in karst and the first remote reservoir in the Cetina Hydropower System.
The reservoir was impounded in the Cetina canyon upstream of the Hrvatačko Polje (field) by the construction of the 63 m high Peruča earth dam and grout curtain.
The Peruča lake reservoir active storage is about 37% of the mean annual inflow, and it considerably affects the Cetina flow regulation at the downstream power plants between Sinjsko Polje (field) and the Adriatic.
The head concentration which is the result of Peruča Dam construction is used by the Peruča Hydroelectric Power Plant. The Peruča lake reservoir's active storage is 565 million m3 at the maximum operating level at an elevation of 361.50 m.a.s.l. The maximum reservoir flood level is 362.00 m.a.s.l. This was considered a great achievement at that time. The majority of the catchment drains calcareous are rocks of the Cretaceous period, predominantly limestone.
Peruča lake is the third largest lake in Croatia by size. It is spread over 10–20 km, and is 60–70 m at its maximum depth, depending on quantity of rain/snow in winter.
The above description and images are used from the article Peruăa Lake on Wikipedia,

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Lat: 43°51’19"N Lon: 16°31’4"E
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