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Nature parks

Pearls of Croatian protected natural heritage will impress you by its diversity and beauty.


Stone sculptures made by mother nature in the mysterious depths of the underground will take your breath away.

 Republika Hrvatska Continental Croatia Rakovica Caves

Baraćeve špilje

    ID: 53996-43 

Barać caves in Rakovica
Barać caves are nature protected area in category of significant landscapes. Caves area is also in the Register of preventive protected cultural goods due to the archeological value of the area. Caves are situated in Rakovica, only 15 km distance from National park Plitvice lakes.
Barać caves are most visited caves in continental part of Croatia with over 10 000 visitors per year. Caves are open from March until November. Visit takes 45-60 minutes with a professional guide. In that time you will learn about geological structure, specific details, history and archeological values of the cave with special attention being given to interesting details and cave formations. Barać caves are important archeological site with numerous finds of prehistoric artefacts such as stone axe dating from 6th century BC and bronze bracelet dating from 7th century BC. Caves are extremely rich in cave formations (stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates) and the halls and channels are roomy and large allowing the visit to all categories of visitors. Caves are also habitat of two species of bats which are in the Red book of mammals categorized as almost endangered – Myotis myotis and Rhinolophus hyposideros (Big bat and Lesser horseshoe bat). High landscape value of the area can be recognized in harmonious mixture of intact woods and green fields on which, even today, you can see traditional farming and agriculture. One of the specific things of the area are meander creeks Suvaja and Kršlja and Baraćevac spring with several smaller springs located nearby.
Text is used with permission from the web site
Authors of the photos: Denis Stošić, Aleksandra Imogen Ivir, Ivo Puniš

 +385 47 782 113
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Lat: 44°59’0"N Lon: 15°43’28"E
44.9836 15.7247
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