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Nature parks

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Stone sculptures made by mother nature in the mysterious depths of the underground will take your breath away.

 Republika Hrvatska Continental Croatia Kopačevo Nature parks

Kopački rit

    ID: 30104-104 

Kopački rit Nature Park is situated in the northeastern part of the Republic of Croatia, i.e. on the wider geographical area of eastern Croatia.

Geographically speaking, Kopački rit is the flat part of Baranja, belonging to Osječko-baranja County, mainly lowland situated between the Drava and Danube rivers and the state border with the Republic of Hungary.
It stretches from the northern part of the Drava where the mouth of the Drava flows into the Danube and upstream on the left and right banks of the Danube towards the former Kazuk port. The state border towards the Republic of Serbia designated the Nature Park's eastern border.
Kopački rit is a floodplain that developed due to the activities of two large rivers, the Danube and the Drava.

Kopački rit was designated on the List of Ramsar areas in 1993. Protected areas on that List are protected under the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, especially as a waterfowl habitat.
The Convention was signed in a city called Ramsar (Iran) in 1971, (so called Ramsar Convention). Croatia is a full member under this Convention from 1991. Almost 1700 areas in the world have been designated on the List of Ramsar areas until today covering more than 150 million hectares.

Kopački rit is also on the list of Important Bird Areas (IBAs). This program was developed by Birdlife International (a global association for bird protection; their habitat; and global bio-diversity that focuses people to the sustainable usage of natural resources) so to determine, supervise and protect the global network areas that are important habitats for birds and for the bio-diversity in general.
The partners in this association take full responsibility for the enforcement of the program on a national scale. More than 7500 areas in over 170 countries have been designated on the IBAs list from 2004.

Besides that, the Nature Park and Special Zoological Reserve were assigned as an area of international importance being part of the “Natura 2000 Networking Program”, so Kopački rit will be a significant candidate to join this network when Croatia accesses the European Union.

An ecological network is a system of the most valuable areas for endangered species, habitats, ecological systems, and landscapes that are sufficiently close to each other and connected with corridors. This kind of system enables an interactive communication and species exchange. Parts of the Danube and Drava floodplains outside the Nature Park are also of international importance.
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Lat: 45°35’58"N Lon: 18°47’16"E
45.5997 18.788
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