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Kultur mit Ihrer Vielfalt und Einzigartigkeit stellt den gemeinsamen Reichtum der Menschheit dar.


Nationalparks bewahren die wichtigsten Naturwerte und sind unser Pfand fur die Zukunft.


Die Perlen des geschützten Naturerbes Kroatiens rufen Bewunderung mit ihrer Vielfalt und Schönheit hervor.


Steinskulpturen in geheimnisvollen Tiefen der unterirdischen Karstlandschaft betrachtet man mit großer Bewunderung.

 Republika Hrvatska Continental Kroatien Slatinski Drenovac Naturparks


    ID: 58165-108 

The park of nature Papuk- is opened throughout the year for all visitors.
The area of Park is characteristic for the beautiful forest landscapes.
There are numerous places one can visit and find out more about them, and each visitor can find something for him/her self: The visit to the Park offers a lot more then the common field trip.
Regardless of the interest one has, there would be always something new and exciting that waits to be discovered.

JANKOVAC - one of the most beautiful highland valleys in the northern hill-side of Papuk, surrounded by the beech-tree forest. This is a well known mountain weekend/holiday resort, due to the exceptional scenery, proclaimed as protected park-forest in 1955.

RUPNICA - an unique natural locality proclaimed the first protected geological natural monument in Croatia (14.10.1948). Characteristic of Rupnica is specific columnar jointing on eruptive rocks.

SEKULINAČKE PLANINE - protected as a Special forest reservation in 1966. The Papuk's primeval forest of beech and fir tree represents oasis of the untouched nature.

RUŽICA GRAD - an old town settled nearby Orahovica. It is one of the largest middle-age forts in Croatia. The fort is mentioned as a royal property since 1357.

PLIŠ - MALIŠČAK - locality on the south side of Papuk nearby Velika with a very interesting flora. On the Pliš-Mališčak there are majority of protected plant species in Papuk.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL FINDING PLACE ČEMERNICA - GRADCI - principality residence and necropolis from old iron ages above Kaptol. It is old between 650 and 550 year BC.

Source: Text and images are used with permission from the web site

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