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Beni culturali

La cultura è il patrimonio comune dell'umanità in tutta la sua diversità e unicità.

Parchi nazionali

I parchi nazionali sono i custodi dei valori naturali autoctone, il nostro impegno per il futuro.

Parchi naturali

Perle croato protetta patrimonio naturale sarà impressionato dalla diversità e bellezza.


Scultura in pietra di Madre Natura nelle misteriose profondità del respiro carsico sotterraneo.

 Republika Hrvatska Dalmazia Centrale Split Beni culturali

Dioklecianova palača

    ID: 59200-49 

Diocletian's Palace is a building in Split, Croatia, that was built by the Roman emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century.
Diocletian built the massive palace in preparation for his retirement on 1 May 305. It lies in a bay on the south side of a short peninsula running out from the Dalmatian coast, four miles from Salona, the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. The terrain slopes gently seaward and is typical karst, consisting of low limestone ridges running east to west with marl in the clefts between them.
In November 1979 UNESCO, in line with the international convention on cultural and natural heritage, adopted a proposal that the historic city of Split built around the Palace should be included in the register of World Cultural Heritage.
In November 2006 the City Council decided to permit over twenty new buildings within the palace, despite the fact that the palace had been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. It is said that this decision was politically motivated and largely due to lobbying by local property developers. Once the public in 2007 came aware of the project, they petitioned against the decision and won. No new buildings, shopping center or the underground garage was built.
The World Monuments Fund has been working on a conservation project at the palace, including surveying structural integrity and cleaning and restoring the stone and plasterwork, expected to be completed in 2009. Much restoration is still needed, including excavating the extensive basement which was buried during the bombardment by the allies in World War II
The above description and some of images are used from the article Diocletian's Palace on Wikipedia, licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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