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Muzej suvremene umjetnosti Zagreb

    ID: 72150-572 

The Museum was established on 21 December 1954, when the National Council of the City of Zagreb issued a decree on founding the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art, with the task of researching, documenting, and promoting events, styles, and phenomena in contemporary art. The Gallery immediately set about building up its permanent collection and functioning as a museum, according to the museological regulations and needs of the time.
The Museum of Contemporary Art is the present-day name for Zagreb Municipal Galleries, which formerly consisted of the Contemporary Art Gallery, the Centre for Photography, Film, and Television, and the Benko Horvat Collection, Library, and Documentation Department. Prior to its separation, the institution also included Atelier Meštrović (today's Meštrović Foundation), the Primitive Art Gallery (Croatian Museum of Naive Art), and the "Jozo Kljaković" Collection (now managed by Centre for Visual Art Education).
The Museum was situated in the Upper Town of Zagreb, with two different addresses: the exhibition venue was located at St Catherine Square No. 2, in Count Kulmer's baroque palace, while the library, documentation archive, and management was located at Habdelićeva Street No. 2. Most of the Museum's collection consists of Croatian and international artists who were active after 1950. It also includes various donations made to the City of Zagreb, such as the heterogeneous art collection of Benko Horvat, the opus of architect, urban planner, and painter Josip Seissel, organized in the Silvana Seissel Donation, and the special collection of architect Vjenceslav Richter, together with the house in which he lived and worked. In 2006, the Museum came into possession of the Tošo Dabac Archive, and its latest comprehensive acquisition has been that of Atelier Kožarić.

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Lat: 45°46’43"N Lon: 15°58’53"E
45.7787 15.9816
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