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Cultural heritage

Culture with its diversity and uniqueness represents the common richness of humankind.

National parks

National parks preserve the important natural values and represent our pledge for the future.

Nature parks

Pearls of Croatian protected natural heritage will impress you by its diversity and beauty.


Stone sculptures made by mother nature in the mysterious depths of the underground will take your breath away.

 Republika Hrvatska Continental Croatia Samobor Nature parks


    ID: 56421-107 

The Nature Park is situated in the north-west of Croatia where the characteristics of the Dinarides, the Alps and the Pannonian plain meet.
The Dinaric type is featured in karst landscape, the Alpine landscape is obvious in steep and harsh mountain ridges and mild hilly country is a typically Pannonic feature.

In this part of the country the majority of settlements are situated on the height above the sea-level between 400-700 meters, which presents a valuable feature of the Park.
Along the northern border of the Park there is a mountain ridge which was not exposed to human activity, so it remained very close to its original shape. Woods and mountain pasture grounds/grassland dominate here.
In this part you cannot find settlements, roads are rare and there are a lot of springs on the Park`s edges
The Samoborsko gorje situated in the eastern part of the Park has a different landscape as there are steep and deeply cut valleys with creeks rich in water and mountain ridges covered with woods where you can see small villages.
The top ridge and northern side are steeper and covered with forests.
The central part of the Park descends towards south where hills, flattened fields and cut-in river valleys (for example, canyons of the Kupčina and the Slapnica) alternate. In this part is the highest density of settlements which are evenly distributed over the area.
The south-east area of Vivodina is full of mild hills with numerous vineyards, fields and is densely populated. The western part of the Park is scarcely populated and is dominated by woods.

Source: Text and images are used with permission from the web site Photographs by: Romeo Ibrišević

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